Why we are doing the EuroMusic Contest.

Why we are doing the EuroMusic Contest.
We are frequently asked « Why are you doing this? Why do you want to launch a European music contest when the public can already watch the Eurovision music contest once a year? ».

Saying it’s because we love music would be a bit cheesy (even though it’s true). And saying Eurovision is not adapted to today’s technologies and music industry or not representative of the emergent music scene would be an easy answer. No, the real difference between the Eurovision and the music competition we imagined is about our consideration for the artists themselves and the public.

When the Eurovision was created in the 1950s its ambition was to celebrate the cultural exchange between different European countries. Therefore the musicians represented -and still do represent- their respective countries in the competition, being selected according to institutional rules and norms, and the public can only express its opinion during the big TV event the Eurovision has become since.

The thing is we bloody love musicians and I’m personally always impressed (certainly because I don’t have any sort of musical talent myself) to see someone creating a melody, a true and universal emotion from nothing… So we are launching this competition to enable emerging bands and artists’ voice to be heard, and to allow the public an opportunity to discover their music and talent. Because we know how difficult it is for young musicians who struggle to make a living out of their passion, performing in small places for a few quid; and how frustrating it can be for talented blokes not being recognized or not having the right contacts to launch a proper career. These are the reasons why registration to the EuroMusic Contest is free (and always will be); and also why we have built a website at the cutting edge of technology to enable the artists to share content as easily as possible.

Besides, we do value the public opinion. We know the public is curious and eager to discover new talents, new voices and sounds. So we have built an ergonomic and easy-to-use platform so Internet users can browse, follow the bands and artists they already know, and discover the ones they don’t know yet.

Reading what I have just written, I now realize the simplest answer to « Why are you doing this? » would be: « We esteem both talented artists and the public, so we have created a new opportunity for the former to launch their career, and for the latter to become the avant-garde of music lovers ».

Welcome to the EuroMusic Contest.