EMC 2014 30 pre-finalists

EMC 2014 30 pre-finalists

Daniel Kajmakoski - Macedonia

Daniel is an amazing singer and songwriter from Skopje, and describes his music as a 'New Reality Music'. Which is a mix of Black Soul and Gospel music, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop and a little bit of Rock. His main objective is to bring love to people. And he does it in a very emotional way.

Swissmara - Switzerland

SwissMara is the result of over 20 years' experience on stage, merging her knowledge of the different areas of the Performing Arts, her lifelong dedication to the Arts, her creativity, her passion and her love for the stage and music.

Sinner - Italy

At first glance, you might think Sinner is the spiritual son of Prince and Freddy Mercury. Indeed, this Italian artist dares to propose something different, and offers a inspired pop-art/disco music, lively and torn by turns, avoiding all the clichés.

Vittorio Merlo - Luxembourg

This very talented songwriter and singer brings you shivers. He sings in his natal language, Italian and delivers a selection of very calm and pleasant songs to listen to.

Paul Klason - Spain

With songs we could qualify of a mixture of Pop music, Soul and R&B, this project wants to have its own recognizable style. By hearing these several styles mixed together with that unusual voice, you will feel the need to "get down on it" and dance!


One word to describe Crashbrake: original. This metal band mixes musical and visual stand point, which makes it like no other band. The music they produce is a unique mixture of different variations of metal and hip hop. When they are on stage, they deliver a mysterious and enigmatic side of their universe, and always perform with masks.

EXIT project - Russia

This bright, tuneful and sensitive music is the result of an instrumental, jazz, electronic and rock band. EXIT Project is composed of 7 musicians who manage to take you on an overwhelming journey where you suddenly discover yourself immersed in various moods.

Distorted Stars - Ukraine

This boys band from Kharkiv will be soon the center of attention for all 12-25 year-old girls. "Party everyday /n rockin' every time!" This summarizes pretty well their way of thinking and the themes of their rocksongs. Their energy and power on stage won't go unnoticed.

Alen Hit - Belarus

When he is on stage, Alen Hit doesn't leave anyone indifferent. The mix of amazing energy and emotional songs is probably the key of his success. Music contests regular, Alen Hit knows the public and its expectations.


Dr. Mindflip - Ireland

A light voice, piano melodies and a robust sense of humour are the main caracteristics of Dr Mindflip's music style. Music passionates, he and his friends love performing gigs as much as they can to share their vision of music and interact with their public.


Emerald Park - Sweden

Since 2002, the band has made a musical journey through different genres but the pop has always been the back bone. Emerald Park has garnered a huge Internet-success with the songs licensed as Creative Commons.

Philip Halloun - Denmark

Two words to describe Philip's life: travelling and music. He found a way to do both, and his music is very representative of this lifestyle. The lyrics of his songs show the diversity of the world. Philip has a particular affection for the following themes: stargazing, breathing, love, friendship and magic. Listening to his songs is a great way to discover the world through music.

Martin van de Vrugt - Netherlands

Martin of Vrugt is more than just a singer-songwriter: he plays his own songs, accompanying himself with an acoustic guitar, a mandolin and sometimes a harmonica. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, Martin now writes folk, country, jazz and blues songs. On stage he can be dynamic and silent at the time.

Oceansea - Portugal

Oceansea is Daniel Catarino, a singer/songwriter from Portugal. He sings and plays guitar in portuguese bands Uaninauei, Bicho do Mato, O Rijo, among other side projects. He has got a very personal style that would is easily recognizable. This calm and melodic tone he gives to his music is the proof of a great talent which deserves more popularity.

Life On Mars - Romania 

You can easily imagine a massive concert hall with thousands of people singing Life On Mars's songs. Thanks to their 10 years' experience in the music industry, the 4 members of this pop rock band are able to deliver a great variety of songs.


Racy guitar riffs, cracking bass and hard-core drumming joined together with distorted violin and synths sounds forming a musical collectivity. Add to this the strong voice of the energetic front man who varies from melodic singing to emotional expression.

Thoola - Czech Republic

With several appearances on Radio 1 and Radio Wave, Thoola's Folk/ Rock songs are warmly received by the Czech public. This rather calm music fits perfectly with the voices of the 2 vocalists and is very pleasant to listen to.


The Boondocks - Estonia

This 3-member indie rock band delivers a dark and harmonic style with a glamour finish of swag and party house pumping. Their catchy melodies and positive attitude explain why The Boondocks have such a faithful stage attendance!

The Velvet Supernova - Latvia

Coming from Riga Latvia, The Velvet Supernova is an alternative rock band driven by strong musicianship and great ambition in the arts. What kind of music? Alternative rock bombast, anthemic melodies, a dash of electronica and contrasting acoustic ambience. The Velvet Supernova travel straight to fans' hearts with their energetic performances and all-involving appeal to performing music.

Crimsonic - Finland

The music style of Crimsonic comes from many different sub-genres of rock music. These 5 friends from Helsinki deliver a very pleasant kind a music, the type of songs you could listen for hours!

MartYriuM - Malta

Presented as a black/death melodic band, Martyrim uses its death metal riffs and deluge of sinister orchestration to bring out the much desired dark atmosphere. Only the brave souls will dare to listen to MartYriuM!

Sajkodog - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Indepent songwriter and producer, Sajkodog delivers a psychedelic and hypnotic music universe. Light and metalic voices interwine and merge into the synths melodies, as if he were dreaming a waking dream of a new world.

Bankrupt - Hungary

This trio from Budapest delivers a unique blend of old school and new school melodic punk rock, tinged with some rock'n'roll punk and garage rock. Inspired by the best moments of punk rock history, Bankrupt sticks with the songs they like and want to sound the way punk rock was meant to sound.


Gillespie - Albania

Known to be an influential band in Kosovo, they are distinguised by their own underground rock'n'roll style. When performing live it usually ends up experimenting noisy psychedelic fusion. Born in 2005, Gillespie's songs have encountered great success as they have recently published their second album. So far so good!

FarjaWays - Slovakia

Coming from Bratislava, FarjaWays uses sound, colour and atmosphere to deliver a whole very personal and unique music universe and stage performances. And surprisingly enough, all the elements she mixes go really well together.

Expedition Delta - Serbia

Expedition Delta is a band/project from Srdjan Brankovic, one of the founders of AlogiA, the biggest selling prog metal/rock band in Serbia. Their music is a mix of AOR and Progressive Rock, with the elements and influences of modern music.



Olivia DORATO - Monaco

With her tiny guitare, Olivia composed her first song when she was only 9! And she has now grown in to a great author, composer and singer. Her songs are inspired by musicals like 'Les Misérables', or famous reknown artists as Taylor Swift, Adele, The Kooks... She is currently only 16 and has a lot of ambition!


Dekadent - Slovenia

Based on the foundations of extreme metal music, Dekadent isn't limited by any musical genre. The art of Dekadent does not avoid tasting the beauty and splendor of melody and exploiting its emotional vastness.