About Us

Our mission at Euro Music Contest isn’t simple as may some thought. We want to provide the best, most honest, and useful reviews of the audio products we love. Our team is made up of audio fanatics and music lovers.

Euro Music Contest is a group of experts (music lovers, audiophiles, headphone fans) who tell you about the best headphones, so you don’t have to spend your precious time on research.

We’re a bunch of geeks who like headphones a bit too much. We research, read, and test for hours (thousands of hours by now) for the best headphones in each category that seems relevant. We show it to you in our guides with reviews and comparison tables for easy choice making.

How We Do Reviews?

We’re trying to be as objective as possible.

We do our own testing of headphones while at the same time look at what others are saying as well (it always takes us hours just to do proper research).

We are trying to avoid what other websites are doing.  Very often we see great rated headphones that we know are just mediocre.

Somebody might like bass-heavy headphones and rate them as great sounding, but somebody else might like neutral-sounding more. Our personal opinions are too subjective.

It’s why we just tell you what kind of sound certain headphones have and you can decide for yourself. An educated buying decision is the best you can make.

Euro Music Contest is a business, and we love every second of it. To keep Euro Music Contest ad-free and alive, we use affiliate links when we recommend products. Using these links does not cost you anythingBy using affiliate links, we’re able to generate a commission when someone from our site continues on to purchase a product. You pay the exact same amount regardless of if you click our link, or navigate to the site directly.

Even though we get compensated for our time, all of our reviews are non-biased, and nobody can pay to be listed in Euro Music Contest. We don’t take bribes, but we may take free samples in exchange for an honest review. Every review includes positives and negatives sides. So, when you read our reviews you are the only one who can decide to buy that product, and no one has the right to decide instead of you.

For any queries don’t hesitate to contact us from the contact form there.