How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV without Bluetooth

In a world where wireless devices and Bluetooth connections are so common, there are still people who ask this question: how to connect wireless headphones to tv without Bluetooth? It is not really that weird a request. Most of us have TV sets that date back to the pre-wireless – sometimes pre-internet – age and replacing them when they are doing their job properly enough just because they don’t support “wirelessness” seems like a waste of money. So, here we will learn how to connect wireless headphones to such TVs in addition to other interesting info that will help you with similar situations.

What makes you look up “how to connect your wireless headphone to a TV without Bluetooth?” in the first place is that your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth. But how do you even make sure that your TV set doesn’t – or does – support Bluetooth?

Few Tips for Learning whether Your TV Set Supports Bluetooth

Look up your TV model on the internet. If you have bought your TV in the last ten years or so, then there’s a good chance that its specifications are mentioned somewhere and whether or not it supports Bluetooth connection. At least the brand of the TV will have a site or a Facebook page you can ask.

Access the service menu of your TV. First, click the menu button on your TV remote control, and in the service menu of your TV, you will find wireless connection settings or Bluetooth settings if your TV does support Bluetooth connection.

So, in case you find that your TV set supports Bluetooth connection, look up how to pair your wireless headphones with your TV. However, if it doesn’t, then there are some things you can do to connect it with your headphones.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV without Bluetooth

1. Attach the Wire

Even though people buy wireless headphones to be able to connect them to their devices without wire accidents, most of them buy headphone brands that provide all handy accessories, such as the connection wires.

People prefer attaching the wires to their headphones when using laptops or PCs to save batteries. Therefore, you can connect your wireless headset to the TV through the wire regardless of your TV’s Bluetooth capability.

2. Use a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

This isn’t exactly connecting a wireless headset to a TV if a TV doesn’t support Bluetooth. This is giving your TV the ability to support Bluetooth.

Connect a Bluetooth audio transmitter to the audio output in your TV set. This way you can start pairing your wireless headphones to the TV even if it doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Different TV brands have different audio outputs, and thus different transmitters suit them while others don’t. There are RCA jacks; there are 3.5mm audio jacks and there are TOSLINK optical jacks. TVs vary in the type of jack they have.

Check what kind of jack your TV has and get a suitable audio transmitter and whether you need an adapter or not. If you have the 3.5mm jack, Taotronics TT-BA01 is a good choice while Avantree Audikast can suit all different jack types.

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3. Use a Media Streamer

Media streamers are neat devices that enable the streaming of media from the internet to your TV. Some of these devices have an extra handy feature: providing Bluetooth connectivity for your TV.

Many well-known tech companies manufacture media streamers. We have Amazon Fire TV Cube, Apple TV 4K, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Roku, Xiaomi Mi Box, Sling AirTv 4K, and more.

To use the media streamer to connect your headphones to your TV, access the settings menu on your TV, then look for an option for controlling Bluetooth connectivity. For example: “Wireless and Networks / Connected Devices”, “Select Remote & accessories > Add accessory”, remote settings, remote buttons, wireless buttons, search for accessories…etc.
Initiate pairing between your headphones and the TV set. Follow the instructions for pairing thoroughly. They will be laid out in the settings on your TV or in your media streamer manual.

4. Use a Dedicated Wireless Headset.

There are dedicated wireless headphones for TV. These headphones come with a transmitter that will connect them to the TV even if it doesn’t support Bluetooth.
The base station is built to be connected to the TV set at all times, this is where “dedicated” comes from. As a result, your headphones are connected to the TV at all times.
Dedicated headphones support all types of wireless connection, not just Bluetooth. Available as well are Infrared connection (IR) and Radiofrequency (RF).

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5. Use a Gaming Console

If push comes to shove, this is another roundabout way to connect your headphones to a TV that does not support Bluetooth. Connect your gaming console to your TV and access Bluetooth devices settings then try pairing.

Be warned though, not all gaming consoles offer Bluetooth connectivity, and the few that do are not necessarily compatible with all types of wireless headphones.

Sometimes, even if a gaming console supports Bluetooth, using it to connect your headphones to the TV might be difficult and glitchy. You will receive error messages.
If you do receive error messages, there is still a fix you can apply. Get a Bluetooth USB adapter and insert it in a USB slot in your gaming console. Access audio devices list in your gaming console settings and choose USB Headset and then select Output to Headphones and then All Audio.

To Sum Up

Although wireless headphones depend first and foremost on Bluetooth technology to connect, connecting them to a TV that does not support Bluetooth is still possible with a bit of experience and tech-savvy skills. If you don’t plan to replace your outdated TV set any time soon, it is best that you prepare in advance and have one of the methods we have discussed to pair it with your headphones: a wire for your headset, a dedicated wireless headset, a Bluetooth audio transmitter, a media streamer or a gaming console.

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