How to Make Headphones Louder in 3 Proven Ways

Let’s face it, headphones were invented for making sounds loud without annoying others. So when your headphones aren’t doing that, you will think that they are useless. So here is how you make headphones louder.

1- How to make headphones louder on your computer

A) Adjust the volume on your control panel 

  • Run the control panel on your computer. If you have Win 10 installed, then it is called settings.
  • Choose sound settings from the list displayed to you.
  • Move the volume lever to increase volume.
  • Run an audio file to check how much you need to increase volume.

B) Increase volume through volume settings in the tray:

  • There are icons in the tray that are displayed all the time: time and date, power, anti-virus, volume, network…etc.
  • Choose a volume and you will see another lever to control volume level.
  • Move this lever until the volume is loud enough for you.

C) How to make headphones louder through volume-enhancing programs

Some computer programs were made for the purposes of modifying sound and adjusting it to your liking.

With them you can make your headphones louder far beyond the regular level and add all sorts of effects to it.

  • Graphic equalizer pro

This neat program is well known to all music enthusiasts. It has several features for adjusting sound :

  • Bass boost
  • Custom and equalizer settings
  • Enhanced volume control

There are more interesting features in that program, but choose the bass booster and the enhanced volume control to increase the volume of your headset.

  • AIMP

 One of the top audio players ever. It can give you better sound quality and much louder volume than your computer’s original settings.

Even though you can increase volume with this program, it has internal control over too loud sudden sounds.

To control volume and add the effects you need to the sound, choose MENU and then DSP Manager then Sound Effects.

  • Ear Trumpet

 The name says it all. Install this program and you might as well forget about built-in windows audio options and settings.

  • Works with Win 10 as an add on to the audio mixer.
  • Controls the volume of every program in windows separately.
  • Easy setup
  • Free to download
  • Great sound quality and volume enhancement

Please, be reasonable when trying to make the volume of your headphones louder. Severe eardrum damage is a possibility when you listen continuously to extra loud sound. The headset can be affected as well.

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2- How to make headphones louder on Android devices

A) Make headphones louder through volume settings

  • Access the volume settings on your Android device.
  • Try raising volume through the sound control button on the side of your smart device.
  • Sometimes, the sound button only increases the volume of ringing.
  • Set all sound settings at maximum. Some Android devices have different settings for different types of sound: alarms, notifications, apps, and rings.
  • Make your headphones louder when using Track playing apps by increasing volume while a track is running.

B) Make headphones louder on Android devices through volume enhancement apps

Bass Booster and EQ Power

  • Enhances bass in music
  • Increases sound quality
  • Enhances sound in streaming music
  • Slide the bass lever to control volume

Volume Booster Pro

  • Most agreed upon an app for increasing volume on Android systems. 
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to download (small-sized)
  • Very effective


  • Works on different platforms: win/ios/Android
  • Plays a wide variety of file formats
  • Displays videos
  • Has many choices you can choose from to make headphones louder

C) Make headphones louder for Android devices with Amplifiers and Dac

  • DACs are manufactured containing amplifiers
  • Good sound boosting and quality
  • Designed for headphones with impedance below 500ohms.

D) Make headphones louder with a special headphone amplifier.

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Good brands include FiiO BTR5, Schiit Audio Magni, and Rupert Neve Designs RNHP
  • A bit pricey

3- Make headphones louder on ios devices

A) Through ios settings:

  • Access volume settings on an ios device.
  • Increase volume to the maximum.
  • In  case this is not enough, apply the following
  • Open the “Settings” menu, then choose “Music”, then “Playback” and then finally, “Volume Limit”.
  • Increase volume to max.

B) ios Late Night Option in EQ Setting

Again, Open the “Settings” menu, then choose “Music”, then “Playback”. Then, choose EQ.

Choose Late Night settings and modify them to make headphones louder.


Those were all the methods available for making headphones louder. Remember to treat your headphones with care and don’t listen to loud music all the time or your ears and headphones will be ruined.

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