How to Pair Jaybird Headphones [Bluetooth/Wireless Pairing Guide]

Those looking for a good quality pair of headphones must have come across Jaybird a number of times. If you’re one of those people searching for perfection headphone-wise, then you already know that Jaybird is an excellent brand of wireless headphones, and with the word “wireless” a certain issue is to be expected: pairing. So, here you will learn how to pair Jaybird headphones in addition to other handy tips about them.

What is Jaybird?

Jaybird is a Logitech electronics company that specializes in making high-quality fitness trackers and wireless Bluetooth headphones. It has been founded by Judd Armstrong in Utah in 2003.

Jaybird is a product of what Armstrong thought of what headphones should be and how they should function. He was disappointed with how the majority of headphone brands in the market were frail and how they were lacking in terms of where and how to use them, and how long you can use them before needing a new pair.

Production cost for Armstrong was a problem. So, he had to put his headphone prototypes on the online market for both feedback and the money needed to launch his company. That was how JaybirdGear was born.

There is a balance to realize between quality and price. With this balance in mind, Jaybird ranks among the top producers of high-quality suitable-for-almost-everyone headphones.

The Jaybird X series has managed to set Jaybird apart from other headphone brands. They have a “fin” for locking the headphones in place so they wouldn’t fall off if you’re wearing them when exercising or moving around.

Jaybird products include the following:

  • The Freedom series:

 JF3 Freedom- Bluetooth headset

Freedom (2016 model) – Bluetooth headset

  • The X series:

Bluebuds X – Bluetooth headset

X2 – Bluetooth headset

X3 – Bluetooth headset

X4 – Bluetooth headset

  • The Run series

Run – Bluetooth earbuds

Run XT – Bluetooth earbuds

  • The Tarah series

Tarah – Bluetooth headset

Tarah Pro – Bluetooth headset

  • Vista Bluetooth earbuds.

How to pair jaybird headphones?

Let’s say you’ve just bought a brand new pair of Tarah Pro Bluetooth earbuds.

  • Jaybird headphones are a wireless Bluetooth device. Therefore, you should start by turning on the Bluetooth function of your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart device…etc, and making sure it is up and running.
  •  Your device will start looking for nearby Bluetooth supporting devices.
  • Assuming that you haven’t started your headphones yet, click on the middle button and keep pressing it. The embedded blue LED light will be turned on and an audio “ready to pair” signal will be played.
  • In your computer/ device, you will see “Jaybird Tarah” popping up in the list of nearby Bluetooth devices. Select it to pair your Tarah Pro headphones with your device.
  • Your Tarah Pro will connect to your device and an audible “connected” audio message will be run.
  • Your Tarah Pro Jaybird headphones have been connected successfully to your device and you can put them on and listen to audio files or streaming music.
  • If you are unsuccessful at pairing the headphones to your device, turn off your headphones by pressing the middle button until the headphones are turned off. A red LED light will be turned on notifying you of that and an audio message “power off” will play. Repeat the process of pairing until you are able to pair your headphones with your device successfully.

Reasons why Jaybird headphones won’t pair with your device:

They are not close to your device. Some people think that it is enough to be in the same city as their devices to be able to pair their headphones with their devices wirelessly. This is technology; Not sci-fi! Stick to the range specified on the package of your headphones.

They are not on. Again check the packaging to know what light color your headphones will give when they’re on and when they’re off.

They’re out of juice. Make sure the headphones are fully charged. If they run on batteries, make sure they aren’t dead. Replace them if needed.

The Bluetooth feature is not on. Yeah, it sounds lame enough. Nevertheless, it happens. Bluetooth should be on in the device you’re trying to connect to your headphones

They don’t support your device’s system. You cannot pair a 2020 pair of headphones to a device running on the Gingerbread Android system. Make sure your smart device has the latest version of Android or ios installed.

They are damaged. Yeah, that one is a major bummer. Get your headphones checked where you have bought them or get a technician with experience in Bluetooth devices to check them. They’ll be able to tell if they are damaged or not.

To Conclude:

Do not let the steps and words intimidate you. Pairing Jaybird headphones is not rocket science. Just make sure you turn your headphones on and your device’s Bluetooth on.

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