How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

Those who are interested in audio devices and sound quality are no strangers to Skullcandy. The company manufactures a wide variety of electronic products and those looking for affordable headphones with sufficient performance must have bought Skullcandy headphones or earbuds a few times. Today, we are going to tell you how to pair Skullcandy wireless headphones with your devices in addition to other interesting info.

Before you learn about pairing Skullcandy wireless headphones with your smart devices, laptops, or computers, let us tell you a little bit about Skullcandy.

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What is Skullcandy?

Skullcandy is a US electronics company located in Park City in Utah. It was established by Cris Williams and Rick Alden in 2003.

Skullcandy specializes in manufacturing audio accessories and hands-free devices such as sound backpacks, headphones, earbuds, digital audio players, and more.

In addition to regular customers and audio equipment enthusiasts, Skullcandy targets outdoor athletes: bikers, runners, snowboarders…etc. Skullcandy headphones, for example, provide loud volume that can dampen outer noises.

Skullcandy has a patent for the LINK system, its first product that had been presented at CES in Nevada in 2003. It is a portable link that enables users to listen to audio files and use mobile phones at the same time.

Even though the company has been called “the world’s coolest earbud,” by Fortune magazine in 2008, many customers believe that the quality of Skullcandy’s products is – at best – debatable.

Most Skullcandy Products Support Wireless Pairing:

Skullcandy Headphones 

  • Venue Noise Canceling Wireless
  • Crusher Wireless
  • Crusher 360 Ultra-Realistic Audio
  • Riff Wireless
  • Icon Wireless
  • Hesh 2 Wireless
  • Hesh 3 Wireless
  • Grind Wireless

Skullcandy earbuds

  • Push Truly Wireless Earbuds
  • Method Wireless Sport Earbud
  • Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless
  • XTfree BT Sport
  • Ink’d Wireless
  • Jib Wireless

 Skullcandy Wireless Speakers

  • Barricade XL BT
  • Barricade BT
  • Barricade Mini
  • Air Raid
  • Ambush
  • Soundmine

Now that we have learned a bit about Skullcandy and its products, let’s get to the pairing issue.

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How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

  • Start by running the pairing mode of your Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

In Skullcandy headsets, whether they were ear-buds or headphones, there’s an on/off button for running and activating Bluetooth function. Press this button for a few secs. The embedded LED light will be turned on indicating the start of the pairing process.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth feature in your device.

Your device (smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop, computer… etc.) must support Bluetooth for this to work. Turn it on to activate the search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

  • Pair the device with your Skullcandy headphones

If you have an Android device or a laptop, access the Bluetooth settings. You will find an option to “Pair new device”. Choose it and your android will give you a list of Bluetooth supporting devices. Skullcandy will be on this list. Click it to pair your headphones with your device.

  • Pair an iPhone or an iPad with your Skullcandy headset

Access your ios device settings. After that, choose Bluetooth from the list of options and run the Bluetooth function. Under “other devices” you will see Skullcandy. Click it to pair the ios device with the Skullcandy headset.

  • Pair your wireless Skullcandy headset with a MacOs system

Access the Apple menu on your Mac computer and then choose preferences. You will find Bluetooth among them, so click it to get your computer to look for Bluetooth devices nearby. You will see that Skullcandy is on the list of devices. Click it to start pairing then choose “Connect” and approve the process of pairing by clicking “Accept”.

  • Pair wireless Skullcandy headphones with windows 10

Access the control panel in your windows 10 computer and then run the Bluetooth function of your computer by choosing “Bluetooth & other devices.” It can also be accessed from the tray at the bottom of the screen. Skullcandy will pop up once your computer recognizes your headphones. Click on it to pair your headphones to your windows 10 computer.

  • Pairing accomplished

The embedded LED light in your Skullcandy headset will change. Moreover, You will hear an audio signal confirming that the pairing process has been accomplished successfully.

If you have followed the aforementioned tips and your Skullcandy headphones still refuse to pair with your device try restarting your headphones. To do that, press and hold both the up and down volume buttons until you hear a beeping sound telling you the headset is shut off. Reapply the tips for pairing your wireless headphones with your device until you are able to pair them.

Skullcandy wireless headphones still won’t connect to my device. There are a few reasons why that may happen.

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Reasons why the headphones refuse to pair with your device

  • They are out of range

There is a specific distance that you should not exceed when pairing between your headphones and the device you want to pair them with. Even though many people use wireless headphones while carrying the devices they’re paired to, some don’t (those who are working out or doing chores and want to avoid accidents). Make sure the device you are pairing with your headphones is close by to make pairing successful.

  • They are turned off

Refer to the instructions on the package of your wireless headset to know whether your headset is on or off. Headsets may give off different light colors and you think just because there’s light the device is turned on.

  • The batteries are dead

Your Skullcandy headphones won’t connect simply because they need to be charged. If they are running on batteries, then the batteries need to be replaced. 

  • Bluetooth is turned off on your device

Trying to connect to wireless internet may shut off your Bluetooth function. Also sometimes people just forget that they need to turn the Bluetooth function on to be able to connect them to wireless headphones.

  • Your headphones are broken

It’s not a far fetched possibility. Actually, when it comes to Skullcandy, many people have complained about one of the pair of Skullcandy earbuds dying after using them for a not-so-long time. Some have even labeled Skullcandy’s  craftsmanship as mediocre due to that. 

  • They are not compatible with the Bluetooth version of your device.

 If you buy a 2020 Skullcandy headset while you have an outdated windows 7 computer, most likely you will have difficulty pairing it with your headphones. You have to make sure you have the most recent system update on your device to pair it with your headphones.

To Sum Up

Usually, you will not face problems when it comes to pairing Skullcandy wireless headphones with your device. Follow the instructions we have provided carefully and take good care of your headphones and you’ll be able to pair them with your device without a problem.

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