LG HBS-900 Review [The Definitive Guide and Review]

Bluetooth headsets have had their firm place in the headphones market for a very long time due to the plethora of great attributes they feature. From lightness of weight and excellent sound quality all the way to the diversity in manufacturers that ensures the presence of different models with different features to suit everybody’s needs, they’re quite convenient.

Today, we’re discussing one of the Bluetooth headsets that stand out from the crowd. Keep reading our LG HBS-900 review to find out why it’s a best-seller in today’s flooded market.

At a Glance:

The LG HBS-900 is an affordable Bluetooth headset that effortlessly provides its users premium sound quality, durability, stability, and the ability to exercise while wearing it without worrying about sweat or overheating.

This is a pick that applies no pressure whatsoever to your head or neck, and whenever it’s not in use, it lies around your neck with its wires retracted inside of it and the earbuds adhering magnetically to the tips of the headsets. It couldn’t get better, right?


  • Retractable wires
  • Lightweight
  • Includes three different sizes of earbuds
  • Durable
  • Requires less than two hours charging time
  • Offers 17 hours of talk time and 14 hours of playtime
  • AptX
  • Strategic design metal finish


  • Wires are a bit too thin
  • Not waterproof

LG HBS-900 Full Review


The LG HBS-900 is mainly constructed out of high-quality plastic, and although that might not be the preferred option for some, it does enjoy a metal finish, which adds to its already present steadiness.

This design has also helped this headset be incredibly lightweight, to the extent that when you leave it around your neck, in no time, you’ll start losing any feel of it. Hence, it won’t get in the way of your activities, and it won’t bother you at all.

As for the style of the LG HBS-900, it’s an around-the-neck retractable Bluetooth headset with in-ear earbuds, and we’ll discuss its technical details momentarily.


The controls are divided between the left and right sides of this headset. The left side houses the volume controls, the call answer/end button, the micro USB connection port, the retraction button, and the microphone.

On the other hand, the right side houses the FF/REW switch, the play/pause button, and the retraction button.

All in all, the controls are all of the supreme quality, and they’re placed strategically so that they’re far enough from each other to prevent confusion yet within easy reach.

Size and Weight

The size, dimensions, and weight of the LG HBS-900 are all designed to fit the broadest base of necks possible. If you’re a person with a relatively large neck, you’ll find that the only discomfort provided by this headset is minor friction between it and your skin.

However, you’ll never find it causing pressure or pain to your neck. Moreover, weighing only 1.9 oz, it becomes effortless to forget that you’re wearing it whenever it’s not in use.


One of the key features that the LG HBS-900 boasts is its retractable wires. Whenever the earbuds aren’t in your ears, you don’t need to have them swinging around while you move or, heaven forbid, getting snatched or tugged on if they get caught in anything.

Consequently, LG has included this practical solution of having the wires coil back inside the plastic frame when they’re not needed, and that’s done with a simple push of a button on each side.

The only detail that might’ve been overlooked is the wires’ thickness as they’re a bit too thin and, therefore, maybe a bit flimsy. We would’ve definitely preferred thicker, stronger wires to ensure their longevity.


Moving on, let’s talk about the earbuds. Firstly, you’ll receive three different sizes of earbuds to ensure the best fit possible for your ears. We’d advise trying each one of them on for some time to decide which one fits you best and gives you the highest level of comfort.

Whichever size you decide to go with, they’re all in-ear earbuds; therefore, they provide a significant level of passive noise cancellation, and they fit snugly without the risk of falling out, even if you’re exercising.

Additionally, we’d like to mention something that not many people know, and that’s that the earbuds are designed to stay in their place when they’re not in use through the use of magnets placed inside the earbuds.

One last thing which annoys some people is that the earbuds are made out of plastic, and although they’re covered with a layer of silicone, for some people, it’s not the most comfortable to be wearing for prolonged periods. Yet, the presence of three different sizes takes the brunt off of that detail significantly; if you’re uncomfortable in one size, you can go for the smaller one.

Sound Quality

Harman Kardon delivered a fantastic package with regards to sound quality when working on the LG HBS-900. All of the frequencies, highs, lows, and mids, are clear and crisp no matter how high or low you decide to go with the volume. The bass could’ve been worked on slightly more, yet it’s not a major con to complain about.

Playtime and Charge Time

Usually, when you look at a small and light headset, you might think that its playtime and talk-time are limited. However, that’s not the case with the LG HBS-900, which offers 17 hours of uninterrupted call time and 14 hours of playtime, surpassing adequate!

Also, the charging time is less than two hours, so you don’t even need to charge it for a whole night; two hours is all you’d need.

Additional Features

Everything that we’ve previously mentioned generally lies under the category of essential criteria and options that headsets should enjoy. In the next section, we’ll talk about the extra options that give more value to your investment.


The vibration option is somewhat unique, and very few headphones seem to enjoy it, although it’s as entertaining as it’s useful. It alerts you to so many situations in which you’d like to take immediate action, such as receiving a call, having the headphones run out of charge, or having them being fully charged.

Besides, interestingly enough, the LG HBS-900 vibrates when you move too far away from your streaming device as a reminder for you to stay in the covered area. And, of course, you can choose whether to turn it on/off according to your own preference.


A lot of people may not know what AptX is. In simple words, AptX is a technology that protects the waves being sent from your streaming device to your headset so that no quality is lost in the transitioning process. 

How does it do that? By compressing the sound as it goes out of your device and decompressing it when it reaches your headphone. AptX is incredibly useful and boosts the performance of any sort of headphones quite a few notches.

Consequently, having it implemented in the LG HBS-900 is a remarkable plus, as it works in parallel with the sound system installed by Harmon Kardon.


Unfortunately, the LG HBS-900 headset isn’t waterproof. However, it’s very capable of dealing with a little bit of sweat and some rain that won’t negatively affect it. Nevertheless, it’s not designed for either swimming or driving.

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What’s Included in the Box

  • LG HBS-900
  • User Manual
  • 3 sets of earpads
  • Quickstart guide
  • Warranty card
  • Charger

Users’ Reviews on Amazon

Users on Amazon are generally pleased with the LG HBS-900. Still, they do share some of the concerns that we’ve mentioned, like the thin wires that they’re afraid to tug on and need to be extra careful even when trying to retract them so that they don’t get stuck on anything.

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