What Is The Name For A Small Device That Connects To A Computer?

Our daily lives have become increasingly reliant on computers. To put it another way, we may today say that our lives are computer-oriented. We want to use a computer for all of our projects.

We all know which devices can be connected to a computer in general. However, there are a few additional little gadgets. Many individuals are curious as to what a little gadget that connects to a computer is called.

I’m going to talk about those little devices today.

Let’s start by learning about the different types of devices that can be connected to a computer.

Types Of Peripheral Devices

Within a computer system, a device is a physical hardware or equipment unit that performs one or more computational functions. It can provide computer input, accept output, or do both.

In most cases, a computer is made up of three components. The input device, process storage device, and output device are the three devices.

Input Device

An input device is a device that is used to enter data into a computer. Keyboards, mice, scanners, joysticks, and other input devices are examples.

Storage Device

A storage device is a piece of computer hardware that stores data permanently or temporarily.

Secondary storage devices and primary storage devices are the two categories of storage devices.

Compact disks, USB drives, and hard disks are examples of secondary storage devices. The primary storage devices are RAM and ROM.

Output Device

The output device is utilized to provide a visual representation of the data outputs. It’s most commonly utilized for display, projection, and physical replication. Monitors, printers, and other output devices are examples of output devices.

Now we’ll get to the main point: the name of the small devices that can be connected to a computer.

Name Of The Small Devices That Can Be Connected To A Computer

There are a variety of small devices that can be used to connect to a computer. Among them, I’ve selected a few to address today.

  • Dongle
  • Wifi Adapter
  • Amplifier
  • Pendrive Or Flash Drive
  • Webcam
  • Modem

These little devices can assist you with data input and output.

Let’s take a closer look at them.


A dongle is nothing more than an adapter. It’s a little piece of computer hardware that connects to one of your computer’s components. One or more proportions are incorporated into the dongle itself. It lets you connect multiple devices to your computer at once.

Wifi Adapter

A wifi adapter is like a little stick, which is also a small device of a computer. You can plug it into your pc that has no internet connectivity. When it finishes installing the drivers, the wifi connection will be enabled.

It is basically like a wifi module in most modern-day PC motherboards but in a little stick form.

Best Wifi Adapter for PC

If you’re looking for wifi adapters for your computer, consider the following options:

TP-Link AC600 USB Wifi Adapter

This adaptor provides a lag-free, long-range connection across the house. It can upgrade your computer at a faster rate than wireless N.

Techkey USB Wifi Adapter

This adapter gives you a speedier and lag-free computer connection. The rotatable antenna provides a more stable wireless transmission and receives signals from all directions.

Nineplus Wireless USB Wifi Adapter

For desktops, laptops, and pc, this adapter guarantees a longer-range wifi connection and greater stability.


An amplifier is a type of electric device that boosts a signal’s power, current, or voltage. Amplifiers are used to increase the volume of a signal in music equipment such as computers and other electric devices.

It aids the loudspeaker in amplifying the signal in terms of voltage, current, or both. If you wish to increase the loudness of your computer’s audio, you must first amplify its signal.

Reasons For Connecting Amplifier To A Computer

Even though many home computers come with powerful speakers for personal listening, they are not always sufficient for entertainment. Then you should attach an audio amplifier to your computer.

The amplifier gives you more power to drive larger speakers while maintaining distortion-free music. You can hear the sound emanating from your amplifier speakers after connecting an amplifier to your computer.

Pen Drive

Pen drives are compact storage devices that resemble pens. It is designed to store data and connects to a computer via a USB port. It has the ability to meet your secondary storage requirements.

The majority of individuals use a pen drive to move data from one computer to another.

Flash Drive

The functions of a flash drive and a pen drive are nearly identical. A flash drive is a data storage device with flash memory and a USB port built-in.

It communicates through USB, which necessitates the installation of additional drivers.

Difference Between Pen Drive And Flash Drive

There is a slight distinction between pen drives and flash drives, despite the fact that they are nearly identical devices. A pen drive is only a portable USB storage device. The flash drive, on the other hand, can be used for a variety of data-storing purposes.

The pen drive is always immediately linked to a USB port. A flash drive, on the other hand, can be inserted into a direct or corded USB port.


A webcam is a computer-connected little video device. It can stream a real-time image or video through a computer.

It’s usually a tiny camera mounted on a desk and connected to the user’s monitor. It can be used to hold a video conference with two or more individuals.


A modem is a little appliance that uses connections to connect your computer to the internet. It’s a piece of hardware that connects a computer to the internet. It converts digital data from a computer or other electronic device to an analog signal.

The modem does not have wifi capabilities. It receives information signals from your cable and functions as a digital transmitter. As a result, make them available on your computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a LAN, which device connects many computers?

Hub it is! In a LAN or Local Area Network, a hub is a networking device that can connect numerous computers together.

What Are Examples Of Peripheral Devices?

A peripheral device is an external device that connects to your computer and offers input and output. Input peripherals include things like a mouse and keyboard. Output peripherals include monitors and printers. I/O devices are a term used to describe peripheral devices.

Is It Possible For A Computer To Work Without Peripheral Devices?

Yes. Any computer device can function without the use of a peripheral device. A device controller separates the device from the CPU at all times. To interface with the computer system, you’ll need a peripheral device.

What Are Peripheral Devices and What Are Their Three Types?

Peripheral devices are divided into three types. Input devices, such as a mouse and keyboard, output devices, such as monitors and printers, and storage devices, such as a pen drive or flash drive, are all examples.

Is It True That A Speaker Is A Peripheral Device?

Yes! A speaker is a type of accessory. Peripheral devices include mice, keyboards, hard drives, printers, speakers, projectors, webcams, and flash drives. Microphones and media card readers are examples of these types of gadgets.

Final Words

Finally, you know what a little gadget that connects to a computer is called. If you want to make your life easier, you’ll need all of the equipment. I hope that this article has helped you see how important they are in our daily lives.

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